Bristol Scout Scheduled To Perform First Public Flight On October 4


The Bristol Scout reproduction recently completed by brothers David and Rick Bremner and Theo Willford is scheduled to perform its first public flight at Old Warden Aerodrome during the Shuttleworth Collection’s “Uncovered” airshow on October 4.

The team notes that much work needs to be done to bring the plan to fruition, including transporting, assembling, rigging and testing the machine on site and obtaining the necessary paperwork from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Shuttleworth’s chief pilot, Dodge Bailey, recently completed flight testing of the machine. The Scout’s maiden flight was performed back in July with TVAL’s chief pilot, Gene de Marco, at the controls.

Click the link below for additional details on the upcoming Shuttleworth Uncovered event.

Ticket information is available here.

(via Bristol Scout)