Kermit Weeks To Attend Oshkosh WW1 Event With One of Two Aircraft


Kermit Weeks, owner of Florida’s Fantasy of Flight, is scheduled to participate in the WW1 centennial events at this year’s AirVenture fly-in, and has announced which WW1 aircraft could be making the trip.

Kermit states that he would like to bring his newly completed Fokker D.VII, a Mercedes-powered replica built by Fred Murrin that wears the colors of the machine flown by Ernst Udet of Jasta 4. The aircraft requires no rigging and is easy to assemble and disassemble, but it has not yet flown and minor issues are still being addressed.

His backup is a TVAL-built Albatros D.Va which represnets Adolf Schreder’s mount from Jasta 17. The Albatros is powered by an original Mercedes engine and has been flying since 2011, when Kermit acquired it along with a TVAL-built Sopwith Snipe fitted with a Bentley rotary engine.

The chosen aircraft will be trucked up to Oshkosh, while a second WW2 era machine will reportedly be flown in.

(via Kermit Weeks)