One-Of-A-Kind Wright Aircraft Collection Offered For Sale


In addition to the previously reported 1909 Wright Military Flyer and 1911 Model B, The Wright Experience in Warrenton, Virginia is also selling a number of additional Wright aircraft reproductions as well as an original 1911 Wright engine manufactured by Wright mechanic Charles Taylor.

The collection includes airworthy replicas of the Wright 1902 glider (modified to 1903 specifications), two 1909 Military Flyers, the sole example of the 1910 “transitional” Flyer that featured a forward canard and aft elevator, a 1911 Model B with an original engine (serial number 33), a 1911 glider, and a 1911 Model EX, painted in the colors of the “Vin Fiz”, the machine Cal Rodgers used to fly across the United States.

Each machine was built to be as authentic as possible, using data gathered during the organization’s 25 year study of Wright brothers’ engineering and fabrication practices. The team has invested thousands of hours in research, studying photos, letters, diaries, film and artifacts in order to recreate machines for which there are no original drawings. To acheive this end, 3D scans of propeller fragments were created, original engine performance was recorded via dynamometer tests and AutoCAD models of the aircraft were created to match them to photographs. Attention to detail was so exacting that they sent samples of the original aluminum powder finish to a lab so it could be recreated with the exact grain size and recreated the original Pride of the West muslin covering from original samples provided by the Wright family.

Wright Experience Founder Ken Hyde is hoping that the collection will be purchased by a museum where the aircraft can be flown and enjoyed by the public and where the data can be preserved and studied. He also states that he is not finished with his work and wants to see the collection grow with the addition of a 1904 Flyer II and 1905 Flyer III.

The photos below show the aircraft currently available from the Wright Experience. Thanks to the generosity of the Wright Experience team, we will be posting a number of detail photos of these beautiful machines in future posts.



Interested buyers are asked to contact Ken Hyde at (USA) 540-347-1909 (shop), 540-379-9092 (cell) or email.

(via Air & Space)